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How does Espresso work?

Espresso takes users through an onboarding wizard upon entering a new WordPress installation, helping them get set up with the right design and plugins in no time.

What’s in it for you?

A new revenue stream for your business

We work on a freemium model. Revenue from PRO upgrades will be shared with the hosting company (up to 50%!).

Full client service that will increase your retention rates

Bye-bye to blank WordPress installations. A full service makes clients happier.

Zero effort invested in development or support

Espresso is simply a WP plugin that needs to be preinstalled and all support is handled by the theme and plugin vendors.

Create a revenue stream from theme and plugin sales

All themes and plugins made available by Espresso use a freemium model so users can easily get started for free. All revenues form PRO upgrades will be shared with the hosting company.

Espresso requires no development or support efforts

Espresso is a WordPress plugin so integrating it into your hosting service only requires preinstalling the plugin. Support is handled by each theme or plugin vendor so it generates no cost for the hosting company.

We can fully customize the look of Espresso for you as well as the templates and plugins included

Espresso can be fully customized to match your brand. We can also provide personalized sets of themes and plugins that would best suit your customer’s needs.

What’s in it for your users

Designer-made website templates

The users will start a website from pre-designed templates that fit a variety of niches.

A single interface for website design

Websites will be edited directly in the WordPress Customizer, providing a seamless experience for beginner users.

Access to popular & verified plugins

Tested plugins integrate with Espresso to help users improve website performance.

Skip option for advanced users

Experienced WordPress users can just skip to their desired workflows.

Espresso provides professional designs covering a variety of niches

With Espresso the users can start form a design that fits their purpose instead of a blank WordPress installation. We cover topics like business, portfolio, food and drinks, sports, blogs, ecommerce shops, etc.

Full site editing experience right inside the WordPress Customizer

All the templates available in Espresso use the Colibri site builder which allows the user to edit the entire website directly in the WordPress Customizer, providing a very smooth experience for beginner users.

Popular, verified plugins that work out of the box

Espresso provides a set of plugins that most users will need. Just a few examples include: contact form, SEO plugin, security plugin, website and image optimization plugins, etc. All the plugins available in Espresso are tested to work well together and also integrate well with the provided designs.

Skip option for advanced users

Don’t want to annoy experimented users who know exactly what they want? No problem – with the “Skip” option the user can go directly to the WP admin and follow their preferred workflows.

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